News Flash: Idiots Continue to Enroll in Currently Unaccredited Trash Pit University of North Texas Dallas College of Law

Dummies Still Enroll: On August 31, 2016, the Dallas Morning News published a Holly K. Hacker piece that was entitled “Students flock to UNT-Dallas law school despite questions about its future.” Take a look at this opening:

“If students are worried about the future of Dallas’ first public law school, it hasn’t kept them away. 

Two weeks into its third year, the UNT-Dallas College of Law reports a total enrollment of 387 students. That includes 145 first-year students, a slight increase from last year. 

“I feel good about the numbers,” Royal Furgeson, the school’s dean, said this week. “We got a little more than we expected.” 

College leaders had braced themselves for fewer students after learning the school’s accreditation could be in jeopardy. An ABA advisory group said in July that it would recommend UNT-Dallas not be accredited, citing low LSAT scores for some entering students and a shaky financial plan for the school.

The bar association meets in October to decide whether to grant the law school, part of the University of North Texas at Dallas, the accreditation it desperately needs. In Texas, only graduates of accredited law schools can take the bar exam. 

Furgeson said the college is getting ready to make its case. It already has support from some powerful people, including a group of state representatives for Dallas County and other parts of North Texas. 

“Texas needs these students just as much as our community needs UNT-Dallas,” the group said in a statement last week. “We are confident that with hard work and a demanding course load, the students of UNT-Dallas will meet the challenges ahead, from the bar exam to their legal careers.” [Emphasis mine]

Working the front desk at Motel 6 does not constitute legal work, dolt. Reviewing rental applications or pouring lattes is not much of a “legal career” either. The ONLY numbers that Furgeson – and every other law dean in the U.S. – cares about are the total figure of federal student loan dollars extracted by the pigs. The state has more than enough lawyers.

Real Effort, Huh?: Here is how simple it is to find out whether the law school you have is accredited by the American Bar Association cockroaches. Perform the following Google search: “UNT Dallas College of Law accreditation.” Within two seconds, you will see the link above, to the toilet’s web page. That screen provides this language – which is clear as crystal:

“Accreditation Statement


UNT Dallas College of Law is not currently accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). As with any new law school, the process of seeking accreditation from the ABA cannot begin until the College of Law completes its first academic year. We will seek accreditation according to the timeline and requirements of the ABA.” [Emphasis in original]

You don’t have two seconds to perform that elementary research, but you want to spend three years of your life in new TTTTT “legal education” program, which limits you to piss poor job prospects?!?! In what universe does that make any damn sense?! High school kids could figure out that this excrement pile is a terrible “investment.” Yet, morons continue to apply and enroll.

Other Coverage: On August 31, 2016, Inside Higher Ed featured an Andrew Kreighbaum article headlined “ABA Tightens Up.” Enjoy the following segment:

“Earlier this month, the American Bar Association’s accrediting arm recommended against approving the University of North Texas-Dallas College of Law, citing low admissions test scores scores of entering students. Days later, it found Ave Maria Law School in Florida out of compliance with its standards, again citing admissions practices. 

The bar association also has considered tightening bar-passage standards to make them tougher for schools to meet. Taken together, the moves might indicate a tougher approach at a time when law-school graduates are facing a tougher job market with ever-growing debt loads. 

The struggles of law-schools’ former students have led to increased criticism of the association and the schools. That scrutiny came to a head in a summer meeting of the federal panel that oversees higher education accreditors, who grilled ABA leaders over their monitoring practices and suspended the group from accrediting new institutions for one year.” [Emphasis mine]

The ABA is incredibly lax with member schools, but now that there is outside pressure, the mice have to show that they are serious about their “standards.” Yet, dummies still apply to this cesspool.

Conclusion: If you have an IQ above room temperature, then you will not even consider going to this unaccredited pile of putrid waste – under any circumstances. If you are at a halfway decent job, and you are not opposed to putting in an honest day’s work, then remain in that position. Try to work your way up a little. Be nice to co-workers, become competent at your tasks, and learn from the boss. Employment as an assistant manager at McDonald’s is better than being a TTTTT law student. 

In honor of the recently deceased Gene Wilder, who immortalized the role of Willy Wonka on the big screen: if you attend this festering dung heap, you will live out these words every day for the rest of your life, “You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!” You don’t win a chocolate factory. The only thing you get to take home are the skid marks in your underwear – and an ass-load of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. .


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