Charlotte Sewer of Law Apparently Thrilled About Pathetic North Carolina Bar Exam Results for February and July 2016

Celebration!: On September 7, 2016, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry that was labeled “Law School Celebrates Worst Bar Exam In Nearly 10 Years.” Check out this opening:

“Last week, in a surprising twist of fate, we learned that the national mean score on the July 2016 administration of the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) hadinched up higher than it had been in recent years. In July 2015, at 139.9, the national MBE mean was the lowest it had been in nearly three decades. This summer, the national mean MBE score is 140.3, four tenths of a point higher. 

But does that mean that law students, on the whole, passed the exam in greater percentages? Absolutely not, as the results from North Carolina seem to suggest.

North Carolina’s bar exam results are usually shrouded in secrecy. The state does not publicly publish the number of people who have taken its exam, much less its overall passage rates, but thanks to one law school’s emails to students, we’ve been able to gather some of that information. For example, we know that in July 2015, the overall passage rate for first-time takers in the state was 67.1 percent, and that in July 2016, the overall passage rate for first-time takers in the state was 65.9 percent. 

Last summer, for-profit InfiLaw institution Charlotte School of Law, the very law school whose emails we rely upon for statistics on the North Carolina bar exam, displayed test results that were so subpar — only 47.1 percent of the school’s first-time takers passed — that Dean Jay Conison blamed Charlotte’s graduates for “not do[ing] the work” needed to pass the exam. This summer, an even smaller percentage of graduates from Charlotte Law passed the exam — 45.24 percent — but Dean Conison seems to be relatively thrilled about the results. Why on earth is he so pleased? We’ll allow him to explain himself.

Here’s an excerpt from an email Dean Conison sent to all students late last month: 

Our 45.24% first-time pass rate, although not at the levels we wish, marks an increase of 11% from the February 2016 pass rate, and signals that our improvements are having an impact. Our ultimate bar pass rate over the past five years has been approximately 78%, and we expect many more of our graduates to pass the North Carolina bar examination in coming administrations.

According Charlotte Law, North Carolina’s pass rate in February 2016 was just 51.1 percent, and now we know that approximately 34.7 percent of the school’s graduates passed the February 2016 bar examination. We don’t how many Charlotte Law graduates took the February 2016 test, nor do we know how many of them took the July 2016 test, so Dean Conison’s talk of the school’s “improvements … having an impact” is a bit like comparing rotten apples to spoiled oranges.” [Emphasis mine] 

Hell, throwing darts at a board would likely yield one with better than 34.7 percent odds of winning. Plus, it won’t cost you an outrageous sum. In contrast, law school typically results in the student amassing disgusting amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Why the hell does anyone enroll in such an atrocious stench pit?!?!

Tuition: Perhaps, people attend this specific commode due to its affordability. Actually…this excrement pile charges $44,284 in full-time tuition – for the 2016-2017 school year. At least, the pigs “only” set part-time tuition at $35,822, for the 2016-2017 academic year. How decent of them!

Ranking: As you can see, the CharloTTTTe Sewer of Law is rated as a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT, by none other than US “News” & World Report. Yes, what a prestigious program – even by for-profit $tandard$.

Law School Transparency Report: Let’s see how “selective” this toilet is in its admi$$ion$, people. Head to the Key Stats tab. For brevity, we’ll focus on the first year class of 2015:

25th percentile LSAT: 140
Median LSAT: 142
75th percentile LSAT: 145
25th percentile UGPA: 2.51
Median UGPA: 2.85
75th percentile UGPA: 3.17

Here are the respective figures for the entering 2013 cohort, i.e. the morons who took the bar exam in 2016: 141, 144, 149, 2.59, 2.91, and 3.25. You will notice that the numbers are even weaker now. At what point will this cesspit become as selective as community colleges, which typically feature open admissions?!?! This is beyond embarrassing.

Conclusion: We are well aware that law school is a terrible gamble for the vast majority of students. There are over 200 ABA-accredited diploma mills, and only a handful – at most – are worth attending at full cost. A school ranked 26th or 41st “best” is often not good enough to land you a really good job. Plus, no matter how you slice it, only 10% of the class can end up in the top decile. Furthermore, that is not going to land you a decent position – at many in$titution$ of “higher learning.” If you have an IQ above room temperature, then you will not even consider CharloTTTTe Sewer of Law. Working as an assistant manager at Wendy’s is better than being a TTTT law student.


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