Pennsylvania Bar Exam Results Are the Worst in More Than a Decade

Hello, Quaker State!: On October 12. 2016, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry labeled “Pennsylvania Bar Exam Results Reveal Worst Passage Rates In More Than A Decade.” Enjoy this opening:

“As more and more results are announced, bar exam passage rates continue to falter across the country. As we mentioned previously, Pennsylvania released the results of the July 2016 administration of the state’s bar exam late last week, with an overall passage rate of 69.31 percent. This is down from July 2015’s overall passage rate (71.15 percent), and down from July 2014’s overall passage rate (75.52 percent). But it gets worse…

This is Pennsylvania’s lowest overall passage rate in the past five years (the overall passage rate in July 2011 was 79.81 percent); in fact, this is Pennsylvania’s lowest overall passage rate in more than a decade (the overall passage rate in July 2003, the earliest date for which statistics are publicly available online, was 71.58 percent). This is also Pennsylvania’s lowest first-time passage rate (75.35 percent) in more than a decade. 

How did Pennsylvania-area law schools fare this time around? We’ll break this down by July 2016 overall passage rate and July 2016 first-time taker passage rate, then compare these percentages to years prior and provide some key takeaways.” [Emphasis mine]

The “profession” is GLUTTED throughout this entire damn country. The law school pigs have lowered their admi$$ion$ “standards” even further, in order to compensate for fewer applicants. And, to no one’s surprise, now those waterheads are failing the bar exam at a higher rate. That is something called logic.

Now, scroll down to this conclusion:

“Out of the ten Pennsylvania-area law schools listed here, four (Duquesne, Rutgers, Penn, and Widener – Commonwealth) saw their first-time passage rate increase year over year, and six (Drexel, Penn State, Temple, Pittsburgh, Villanova, and Widener – Delaware) saw their first-time passage rate decrease year over year. 

Penn Law posted the highest first-time passage rate (and overall passage rate), with Duquesne Law coming in second place. In fact, Duquesne saw a 16.96 percentage point increase in its first-time passage rate year over year. Congratulations! But what happened at Widener – Delaware between this summer and last? The law school’s first-time passage rate dropped by 29.31 percentage points. That’s frightening. 

When will bar exam results stop dropping precipitously? When law schools change their modi operandi, raise their admissions standards, and put their students first? We’ve said it numerous times before and we’ll say it again, because it still bears repeating: “Until law schools realize they’re doing a disservice to everyone — their students, their graduates, and their graduates’ future clients — things will only continue to get worse.” [Emphasis mine]

For $ome rea$on, the law school swine seem to believe that accepting and enrolling dumber students should not result in lower bar passage rates. Apparently, they want to take in morons without any consequences to their commode’s reputation. It hasn’t stopped the cockroaches from charging outrageous tuition rates either.

Other Coverage: On October 10, 2016, the Legal Intelligencer featured a Lizzy McClellan piece that was entitled “Pa. Bar Passage Rate Drops to New Low.” Take a look at the following portion:

“The passage rates for first-time takers of the Pennsylvania bar exam reached a new low with results from the July test. 

Just 75.4 percent of the 1,371 first-time applicants passed the July 2016 exam, which was administered July 26 and 27. That is the lowest passage rate for any July exam for which the state Board of Law Examiners has made data about bar exam passage available. The previous low was in July 2003, the earliest year for which data is available, when 77.8 percent of first-time test takers passed. 

The total number of applicants also hit a new low for Pennsylvania’s July bar exam. A total of 1,574 people took the exam in July, compared to 1,799 in July 2015. From 2003 to 2014, the average number of first-time applicants was 1,809, compared with 1,371 first-timers this July.The overall passage rate for July 2016 was 69.3 percent. 

The bar exam passage rates have been on the decline nationally in recent years. The national average passage rate was 59 percent overall in 2015, and 70 percent among first-time applicants. In 2014, it was 64 percent and 74 percent, respectively, which also showed a decline from 2013 numbers. 

But results from the Multistate Bar Examination created a glimmer of hope several weeks ago, when they showed a slight increase in the national mean score. According to a memo to law school deans from Erica Moeser, president of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the mean MBE score for July 2016 was 140.3, up from 139.9.” [Emphasis mine]

How do you like those results, mindless lemming?!?! Still want to take the law school plunge, Dumbass? Now that the MBE results were slightly better, the law school pigs cannot bitch and whine that this portion is “too difficult for our stupid graduates.” Then again, the tramps excel at placing blame on someone or something else.

Conclusion: Avoid becoming another statistic. In the end, only YOU will be held accountable for failing to provide for your needs or those of your family. If you cannot land legal employment, or decent non-law positions, then you have pissed away three years of your life – and incurred an additional $130K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – for no good reason. Only mental midgets will see that as “good learning experience.” Good luck trying to repay your student loans, as well as putting food in the fridge and a roof over your head, with a $35K a year job, Bitch.


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