LexisNexis Unveils New and Improved Time Matters 16

LexisNexis Unveils New and Improved Time Matters 16

For all those Time Matters users out there who’ve missed having a “one-click ability” to view upcoming events and daily “ToDos” for multiple staff for a single day, we have some good news to share…

LexisNexis has unveiled Time Matters 16, a new and improved iteration of its custom solution for case, matter management and billing for law firms which brings back, you guessed it— a “one-click” calendar detail view for multiple staff for a single day.

In addition to bringing back the popular “one click” calendar ability, Time Matters 16, also adds 15 more functional enhancements to the original 73 that were included in the November 2015 Time Matters 15 release and the April 2016 Time Matters 15.1 release.

The new and improved Time Matters 16 is designed ultimately to bring forward the best possible user experience for law firms who use the software to handle their most urgent billing, time capture and matter management needs.

Here’s a quick peek at some of new functional enhancements included in the Time Matters 16 software:

  • Enhanced Classic Calendar Views:  Detail View gives more ways to see your day, while bringing back the functionality you loved from Time Matters 14
  • Expanded Microsoft® Integrations: Future proof your technology compatibility for years to come
  • Improved Microsoft® OneDrive Integration:  Default storage option provides flexibility and consistency to file retention and cataloging
  • Continued Upgrade Experience Improvements: Simplified in-place upgrade experience reduces downtime when upgrading from Time Matters 11.x – 15.x to Time Matters 16

For more information please visit Time Matters 16.

This post is by Carla Del Bove, who provides support to the business of law software product line based in the LexisNexis Raleigh Technology Center.



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