Toilet Closure: Indiana Tech Law School to Shutter Its Doors in June 2017–losses-at-million

Booyah!: On October 31, 2016, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel published one of the most beautiful and poignant news articles in the history of print media. The piece from Kevin Leininger was entitled “Indiana Tech Law School to close next June; losses at $20 million.” Take a look at this glorious opening:

“Indiana Tech’s law school, which opened in 2013 with far fewer students than expected, failed in its first attempt at accreditation and graduated its first students this year — only one of whom passed the state bar examination — will close, The News-Sentinel has learned.

The school on Maumee Avenue just east of downtown built its $15 million law building to accommodate up to 350 students and expected 100 in its initial class but attracted 28. At the time, some critics doubted the need for the school, saying first-year law school enrollments had dropped 28 percent since 2010 to their lowest level since 1973. 

Indiana Tech [president] Arthur Snyder said the university has lost $20 million on the law school and, given projected enrollments, expected the deficit to continue. “This was an extremely difficult decision for all involved,” Snyder said. “Over the course of time it has become apparent that the significant decline in law school applicants nationwide represents a long term shift in the legal education field, not a short-term one. Specific to Indiana Tech, the assessment of the Board and our senior leadership team is that for the foreseeable future the law school will not be able to attract students in sufficient numbers for the school to remain viable.” 

Indiana Tech Law School currently has a total of 71 students, and Snyder said they will have the option to complete the year, with those in their third and final year having the ability to graduate from the law school in May. First and second year students will have the option to transfer to other law schools at the start of the January 2017 semester, or to complete the year at Indiana Tech Law School and then transfer for the start of the fall 2017 semester. 

Chris Mackaronis, a Washington, D.C., attorney representing one of the faculty members affected, said the university’s Board of Directors had recently voted unanimously to close the school at the end of the academic year in June 2017. The vote, he said, conflicts with years of representations to the students, faculty and the American Bar Association regarding the university’s commitment to pursue full accreditation and long-term success for the law school. 

“Most of the faculty accepted their appointments at great professional risk (based on that commitment),” Mackaronis said, calling the closure a “complete betrayal of what the university and the Board of Trustees represented to the faculty, staff, and students repeatedly over the last few years . . . By all measures, the plan was working,” he said.” [Emphasis mine]

Sure the plan was working, douchebag. Out of your inaugural class of 20 graduates, only three damn former students managed to eventually pass the Indiana bar exam – including on appeal. Yes, those are excellent results, right?!?! Then again, the academic bitches and hags were paid up front, in full.

Other Coverage: On October 31, 2016, Above the Law posted a Staci Zaretsky entry labeled “Indiana Tech Law School To Close, Citing $20 Million Loss.” Enjoy the following, joyous segment:

“Indiana Tech School of Law opened its doors in 2013, amid cries that the state had no need for another law school. In its first year, only 30 students enrolled, despite the school’s goal of an inaugural entering class of 100. After being denied accreditation in May 2015, the school was granted provisional accreditation by the American Bar Association in March 2016. Shortly thereafter, the 20 remaining students in the school’s charter class graduated, and 13 of them registered to take a bar exam. Only three of them were successful, for an overall passage rate of 23.1 percent. This fall, the school enrolled 55 students, its largest class ever.

Today, Indiana Tech Law School is announcing its closure. 

At a meeting this afternoon, Indiana Tech University President Arthur Snyder is expected to tell faculty, staff, and students that the Board of Directors, citing $20 million in losses, voted unanimously to close the school at the conclusion of the academic year. Its final day in operation will be June 30, 2017. Faculty members are understandably upset, as many of them “accepted their appointments at great professional risk,” according to Stone Mattheis Xenopoulos & Brew partner Christopher G. Mackaronis, who represents a faculty member who prefers to remain anonymous.” [Emphasis mine]  

The author also includes some advice to the idiots still enrolled in this cesspit, i.e. do some research on closed school loan discharge. [Read: do not attend another ABA-accredited trash pit, as you will be in worse shape completing a law degree.] Sadly, most of these morons will continue their pur$uiTTTTT. 

Conclusion: The greedy pigs at the Indiana Institute of Technology failed to perform basic research, regarding the need for another garbage law school in the state. Hell, Paul Campos and several other critics warned these dolts not to start a fresh toilet. Yet, the academic thieves willingly ignored reality. The prevailing job market for law grads was already in the gutter, but the swine decided to open a new in$TTTTTiTTTTTuTTTTTion in August 2013. Yes, that was a brilliant decision! The university heads finally woke up and stopped the bleeding. Of course, the law faculty are now upset. However, they will not be on the hook for outrageous sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – while armed with a TTTTT law degree. These “scholars” should have no trouble at all commanding a high six-figure salary and a corner office in any law office of their choice.


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